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The dilemma is that we already believe –
no one can understand what we are going through-
The dilemma is that we already believe-
we already understand what everyone else is going through –Image

Quote for the Week


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“I  think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s  something we are all touched by.   No matter what culture we’re from, everyone  loves music.”

Billy Joel, composer, pianist, singer and songwriter

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What kind of tree is not important anymore!

On trees


mysterious tree 01The tree in the picture has been discovered in the dense forest Gujarat, India.

According to the blogger coolguyramforyou, he claimed that this is a mysterious tree but not “Baobab” tree.

I know little about “Baobab” tree, but the most important attractions to me are, when you move yourself closer to look at the tree.

mysterious tree 02mysterious tree 03mysterious tree 04mysterious tree 05mysterious tree 07mysterious tree 08mysterious tree 09Sydney thanks him for sharing with us this great discovery and awesome post!

Do you agree with me?

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On sprouting like a tree


Not from the first day of life
I was this wise 
nor since that day
I was this foolish 
Everything sprouted …
from my soul …..
like a leaf full branch
does from the
stem of tree ….
still sprouting ….
unfolding to myself from myself