Countless lives inhabit us !!!!I don’t know, when

Countless lives inhabit us !!!!
I don’t know, when I think or feel,
Who it is that thinks or feels.
I am merely the place 
Where things are thought or felt.

I have more than just one soul.
There are more I’s than I myself.
I exist, nevertheless,
Indifferent to them all.
I silence them: I speak.

The crossing urges of what
I feel or do not feel
Struggle in who I am, but I
Ignore them. They dictate nothing
To the I I know: I write.
Fernando Pessoa

On Confusions

This is perhaps the only thing that can not be induced 
and this is one of those things that can not be recovered too
This is the flow of the river …….. that either stagnates and pools 
or flows and becomes the part of the ocean , going ETERNAL …..
And we can help but by asking the heavens for purity of heart so that
we never pool those innocent confusions of ours 
to stagnate our souls into gutters …!!!

On praying !!!

Like a sunflower turns to sunlight, 
i turn to seek your light oh Lord of all lights !!!
Enlighten me , from the core of my being 
so that i turn inside , to wash myself from all that halts
all that halts me from seeing the beauty of the universe …!!!

On us !!!

The dilemma is that we already believe –
no one can understand what we are going through-
The dilemma is that we already believe-
we already understand what everyone else is going through –Image