On sprouting like a tree


Not from the first day of life
I was this wise 
nor since that day
I was this foolish 
Everything sprouted …
from my soul …..
like a leaf full branch
does from the
stem of tree ….
still sprouting ….
unfolding to myself from myself 

On Doubts



I don’t think I can really live with doubting reality 
most of the times things and people around 
but sometimes i doubt myself 
and more to it, sometimes
i doubt my doubts too……

How I Cured My Anxiety



UPDATE: As of July 2013, this article is the #1 search result on Google for “how to cure anxiety.” In this post, you will learn about the key breakthrough I had that freed me from my mental prison. More than anything else, this change in how I viewed the world gave me my life back. It’s helped tens of thousands of readers, and I hope it can help you as well.

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Now… on with the post!

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For a long time, I thought I was going crazy. I’d convinced myself that something horribly wrong was about to happen. I thought I would be stabbed, shot, or arrested every time I left my apartment. I was sure that there was an impending disaster that would melt the…

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On not understanding…


Not always do I understand what and why is happening 
Not always do I understand myself 
Not always do I understand fate
Not always do I understand the flowers even……
but it is still lovely to remain between this 
understanding and lack of understanding ……